We believe music education

can be the spark
to activate life skills for all children

All three of our children (8, 7, and 4) are taking lessons, and they love it. The color method makes it easier for them to get started, and they're all excited about the pieces they are learning. Would highly recommend Park Slope Music Lessons to any parent looking to introduce their children to music.  

Melih Onvural, Park Slope parent


Does your child love music?

Wish you could sign them up for music lessons?

...but afraid they’ll be turned off forever due to boring, complicated lessons?  


Or maybe you heard that you need to wait until your kids are older to take lessons?  

Traditional teaching methods are terrible for young beginners. They make so many kids feel dumb and untalented just because they couldn’t understand the bad teaching.  


It’s not the student’s fault – and not those traditional teachers either. Traditional music education is stuck in the middle ages! They teach the way they were taught.


This is so sad because so many people have been turned off from music forever feeling like they did something wrong.


So how do we do it different?



And it’s been proven to improve brain development in kids to the tune of one entire academic year.  


That’s like skipping a whole grade by taking music lessons! 


How do we teach so everyone understands?

We use color as educational scaffolding.

Kids learn a song in the first 5 minutes of their first lesson. And they feel fantastic! What a boost of confidence!  


This method is called the Musicolor Method and it has been proven all over the world. Want to see it in action?  


Click the Get Started button.

About Us and Our Founder

Since 2007...

Park Slope Music Lessons began with founder Andrew Ingkavet teaching his son Alejandro in his living room. After years of a long waiting list and having to turn away students, he began working with other master teachers who shared his philosophy of life skills through music.


Along the way, Andrew created the Musicolor Method, an adaptive and inclusive curriculum that is now being used worldwide.  He has been featured in the Telegraph UK, Thrive Global, and interviewed on various educator podcasts.  In the late 80's, Andrew was part of the team that launched the careers of Guns N' Roses, Megadeth, Tracy Chapman and Keanu Reeves' first film.  In the 1990's, he was a founding VJ for MTV-Asia broadcasting from Hong Kong.  While there, he co-founded the first digital marketing agency in Asia. 



Returning to New York in the late 90's, he rose to Creative Director at several large digital media agencies working on information architecture and user experience for clients including American Express, Chase, HP, Clairol and Seagrams.


An award-winning composer, he has scored several independent theater productions and films including Paramount Pictures' Noelle by David Wall, now available on Amazon Prime.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most common questions

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Ready for Music Education as Personal Development?

Many of our students start with us young, as early as 3 1/2 years old and stay with us 9 or more years.  Find out why.

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